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never, ever, ever forget that it’s always been about love. don’t make this a war, sweet heart, i don’t want to fight. i only want to understand.
it’s not a game, it’s a stage, it’s a work of art. sit down and watch the motions and try to keep up. all the truth in the world is written between the lines— the only thing is that you must look.
here is the key, but can you find the lock? between fact and fiction intertwined, this is for you to untangle.
go on. tell me what you think. i want to see the things that get lost in translation. i dare you to understand.
don't you dare think i am innocent in all this. i am not the small, docile thing you think i am. i know the taste of blood that rushes through the lion's maw. i know how it stains teeth.
do not mistake wide eyes for innocence. a child crushes insects without a second thought. best get out of the way.
you never even realized that every silence was a sliver of my heart. you ate me up without ever opening your mouth
like a shark drawn to blood, i will seek it out— the softest parts of you. then i will tear you to pieces.
my love has teeth.
noise everywhere. the crash of rushing tides—(IT’S MOONVIOLENCE, DEAR)—i can hear the wolves howling! (hush now, they’ll hear you)—

see their jagged maws and gaping hunger



it’s too late.
teethsnarling bonebiting fleshrendering dancing dancing dancing—in the circle you go! we will tear you to pieces (and offer you to the night)

and she will (make you anew)
just like us (just like us)

but we knew all along
(that this is what you wanted.)
you wanted to be a moonchild too
(didn’t you?)